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Founded by Scottish born artist and documentary photographer Grace Lambert-Phillips, during the unprecedented world events of 2020, The Lambert Phillips Foundation presents the art of storytelling through the visual artistic mediums of photography, film and words.  

Progressed projects such as 5/4 Portraits of Humanity, exploring human connection, and I See your Strength, celebrating the strong spirit in women, formed an enriching purpose for developing the foundation. The first official project, Stories of Isolation, was created and launched in March 2020; an anthropological, documentary photography project gathering and sharing the work of photojournalists from around the world, gaining an international audience and positioning, dedicated to launching and telling stories of humanity.


Established in London and now based in Florence, The Lambert Phillips Foundation works in partnership with public and independent charities, institutions and companies, presently working on projects focussed on the preservation and documentation of the culture and traditions of Italy. In parallel to working on and building projects, focus this year goes to the development and opening of the artist's first private studio, darkroom and gallery at the Villa la Posta, an 18th century historical villa, in Monteriggioni, Tuscany. 


Current projects are, Reimagining the Grand Tour, a photographer's journey through Italy documenting the country as a 21st century traveller, Approaching Art a series of interviews giving voice to the topic of art within conversations between artists and Venice is a Sound, a celluloid record of a city in peril.

This summer we will present our first curated presentation in Florence, work to be announced soon.


Scottish born artist and documentary photographer Grace Lambert–Phillips shares stories of connection and culture, documenting life through her lens. She developed an appreciation for the art of photography through the experiential, raw processes of working with film as a young photography student in Scotland and soon established her dedication to the artform of black and white street photography. Telling stories was always her aim.


Having  established her career as a documentary photographer, during a chance meeting in Scotland with artist Jack Vettriano, Grace photographed a series of portraits of the artist and became a muse in his paintings, exchanging their individual artistic expressions. Grace went on to curate a number of independent photography exhibitions and collaborated with charities, public and private institutions and companies in France, the UK and Italy gaining a reputation as a visual story teller, offering her images as a way to open conversations about important topics. In 2018 she was asked by London-based charity Youmanity to discuss the topic of  suicide through her work and went on to produce a body of work entitled What does friendship mean to you? presenting portraits & conversations on the topic and theme of human connection. These pieces were exhibited in Westminster and displayed across the DLR stations of London during 2019 and 2021.


Grace went on to establish The Lambert Phillips Foundation in 2020 dedicating her work to the art of story telling, she continues to expand her documentary photography portfolio, capturing the stories of the abundantly rich history of European culture. Currently living in between Tuscany and Venice, she devotes her time to writing, currently working on her first book, Only the Deepest Red, in which she shares stories of her life and connection with Vettriano, and the development of projects aimed at bringing attention to the important topics such as tourism and the preservation of the culture of Italy. 

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