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"Friendship to me means not being afraid of showing oneself, no games, no complications, all should just flow naturally and one should always feel safe when in the company of real friends."

Jean - dog lover, loyal friend, survivor.

The Friendship project was completed during the summer of 2019 and was part of Youmanity's Friend-ship, Together for the journey, anti-suicide campaign. Youmanity is a London based charity who hold an annual photography award, that year the theme was friendship.

Friendship within this project was considered to be the antidote to suicide, with friendship and connection being the opposite to isolation and loneliness. We were asked to produce a body of work as part of their campaign, launched in early 2019. I decided to ask 20 people (10 men and 10 women) - "What does friendship mean to you?"


These portraits were taken during those conversations and were exhibited alongside the quotes from each subject at The London City Hall on World Mental Health Day in October 2019 and were exhibited across the DLR stations in London during December 2020 and also during 2021. This year, in July,  the exhibition was opened to the public at Paddington Library in Bayswater, where many of the portraits were taken. 

Portrait Friendship 20 .jpg

We are pleased to announce that our Friend Ship photography exhibition went on exhibition in London  during the summer 2022. 

Watch the opening here.

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