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"Venice is an analogue experience. Let us suppose we see a photograph and within this captured moment is held invisible layers of sound and thought, this is how we must approach the celluloid world. 'Venice is a sound' is an analogue journey through one of the most photographed cities of the world, stepping into the moment through the celluloid process - where it is lived and preserved.  The world we live in now may be different in many ways, as technology moves forwards, but the essence of it remains intact.  The purity of the streets of Venice exists in much the same way as it did centuries ago and in this way Venice is unique and in fact very much an analogue experience. Capturing these streets on film is a natural thing to do, the city happily gives its layers to the photographer, if we approach it from where it is.

A meeting place for the analogue, where you may experience more than you expected."

Grace Lambert-Phillips

9079 GRACEAA019_edited.jpg

Venice, Italy. GLP 2023

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