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"I first spent time in London during the time I was working with Jack Vettriano and then during my years in France I went over from time to time to walk around and take photos. Then in 2013 I arrived at the end of September with a plan to live there for a while. I was in South Kensington, the area where historically many of the writers and artists had lived, not far from where Jack's studio had been. Francis Bacon had once had a studio just around the corner from where I lived, Agatha Christie wrote some of her greatest works around another and Virgnia Woolf had lived close by once upon a time and wrote 'The London Scene', six essays about London life. I was inspired to walk the same streets that she wrote about to find my own 21st century visions of those places finding my steps within them and I had a wonderful time exploring this city and the stories it held"

Grace Lambert-Phillips

Visit to Notting Hill
Notting Hill, London, 2020
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