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'I see your strength' is a project which was launched on International Women's Day 2020 just before the pandemic began. The aim of the project was originally to talk with, interview and capture the essence of women from all walks of life. To document and show the strength that we would see, as they quietly hold together families and communities within their unique set of circumstances. It didn't matter what the conditions were, it was the common thread we were looking for and found. The strength to achieve in the face of challenge and to often to raise families in the process.


We met with a handful of women in London at that time who were inspiring and a series of portraits were the results. This is an ongoing study as in 2022 we are living through an era where this document has become more and more relevant.  As we move towards 2023 we are continuing our interest in this topic planning an exploration of women in conditions increasingly fighting for basic rights. There is an inherent strength in this story and we are exploring it.

Sadiyo Awale, Founder of the Hidaya Women's Association in Peckham.

Refugeed as a child from Somalia, now supporting  women in her community.

Photographed in London May 2020.
Leyla L1013973.jpg
Mother  & care worker
MARINE L1014495.jpg
Marine Tanguy
Founder of MTArt Agency, London
Daphne BW L1014256.jpg
Daphne di Cinto
Actress & film director
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