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LONDON ESSAYS - 2011 - 2020

"I first spent time in London during the time I was working with Jack and then during my years in France I went over from time to time to walk around and take photos. In 2013 I arrived at the end of September with a plan to live there for a while. I was in South Kensington, the area where many of the writers and artists had lived,  not far from where Jack's studio had been, so it was an area I was familiar with and felt good in.  Francis Bacon had once had a studio just around the corner, Agatha Christie wrote some of her greatest works around another and Virgnia Wooldf had lived not far and wrote about it all. I discovered Woolf's 'The London Scene',  six essays about London life back in her day and I was inspired to walk the same streets that she wrote about and try to find the 21st centrury visions of those places and find my own steps within them."

Grace Lambert-Phillips

Virginia Woolf

“The fascination of the London street is that no two people are ever alike, each seems bound on some private affair of his own”

Virginia Woolf

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