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This project will take us into the depths of the south of Italy to discover and document the traditions and stories of these regions. We will journey in search of the tales of the past, for the future and live amongst the people we meet, to sit with them, learn from them and ultimately to tell their stories.  


The journey will begin in the region of Basillicata, where we have met with some of these traditions  and witnessed the Transumanza, a seasonal movement of livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures.  In the mountainous regions, it implies movement between higher pastures in summer and lower valleys in winter. 


This project will ask us to look closely at what these traditions have to show us as technology takes us forward into a new reality moving quickly in this direction. But as the moment between dreams and wakefulness, there is only a chance to catch the threads that connect us to those dreams. This journey will take place at that moment, as between dreams and wakefulness. Our aim - to catch these almost dreams in our hands, sometimes only for a moment, but just long enough to tell the stories while we still have the chance.

One day this may all be a dream.

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