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The Lambert-Phillips Foundation was founded by Scottish documentary photographer Grace Lambert-Phillips in 2020 and presents a platform expressing the art of storytelling through the medium of documentary photography and film. Giving a voice to the silent stories of the world. We do it through photography mainly but sometimes we also do it through other mediums of art. 

Progressed projects such as the 5/4 Portraits of Humanity exploring human connection and transformation, including I See Your Strength celebrating the spirit of women, formed an enriching purpose for developing The Lambert-Phillips Foundation. Through the foundation, the first official project, Stories of Isolation, was created and launched in March 2020; an anthropological, documentary project gathering and sharing photographs from around the world, telling the global story of how the world changed since the events of 2020. The Lambert-Phillips Foundation is dedicated to the art of storytelling and to documenting and preserving cultures and traditions.


Established in London and currently based in Tuscany, Italy, the foundation is presently coordinating Stories of Isolation’s official exhibition, anticipated to launch in August 2023 and will feature the work of hundreds of  photographs from around the world.  Work on the development of other projects will be ongoing throughout the year, including the development of The Lemon House studio and gallery in Tuscany.

"I started the foundation in honour of my Grandmother. She had a story that was never told and I told it and this was the foundation of it all. The Lambert-Phillips foundation is in her name and a place for stories that wait silently to be told. I feel that I am the custodian of some important stories. We all have them but some people never get to tell their own, for many reasons. Some, like my grandmother, just never have the opportunity and it was something she left for me, a mystery to uncover and solve and then a story to tell. This is what I live for and what the foundation is built on." GLP



Villa la Posta, Monteriggioni, Tuscany

Ready to welcome you to our studio and gallery from 2024.

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